Kochi, the commercial hub of Kerala, is one of the most picturesque places in Kerala with an all weather harbour and a grand seascape and is termed the ‘Queen of the Arabian Sea’. The earliest verifiable history of Kochi kingdom is traced to the last Perumal of the second Chera Dynasty, Rama Varma Kulashekara Perumal in the 12th century.

Chinese and Arab traders are believed to have been the first traders to this port, heralding a wave of subsequent visitors, the Portuguese, Dutch and British, who brought in the era of colonial power to the region. Kochi was able to offer in abundance the best of spices to the world, a reputation that continues to this day. In addition to spices, the voyagers also coveted the fine ivory, sandalwood, perfumes and gold that came to this market town. At one point nothing but a small fishing village, the destiny of Kochi changed in 1341, with the flooding of the Periyar River, which rendered the then popular Kodungallur ineffective.

Among many repercussions of this event was the creation of a natural harbour at Kochi. It was Sir Robert Bristow, an experienced harbour engineer who came to Kochi in 1920 who was responsible for the modernization of Kochi harbour. The city is now the proud owner of one of the most beautiful ports of the country that is the biggest in Kerala and is also one of the premier industrial trading and commercial centres of southern India. Kochi expanded to include many towns and villages surrounding it and the corporation of Kochi was formed in 1967.

Summer: 35 - 22 C.
Winter: 32 - 20 C.

254 m. (June to October).

October to March.

Kochi is connected by Air India and private airlines with major cities.

Kochi / Ernakulam is connected by rail with all major cities in India.

Kochi is connected by road with:
Alappuzha 64 Km.
Bangalore 565 Km.
Chennai 694 Km.
Coimbatore 223 Km.
Kodaikanal 305 Km.
Kollam 150 Km.
Kottayam 76 Km.
Kozhikode 224 Km.
Madurai 324 Km.
Mangalore 484 Km.
Munnar 130 Km.
Mysore 484 Km.
Ooty 312 Km.
Thekkady 190 Km.
Thiruvananthapuram 223 Km.
Thrissur 80 Km

The Kerala Inland Water Transport Corporation operates regular backwater boat services to Kollam (8 hrs.)