The capital of the State of Andhra Pradesh in Southern India is also its cultural and financial centre where vestiges of the medieval past merge with local culture and modern aspirations.

In a travel to this fifth largest city in India, visitors can enjoy the city’s innocent charm, exquisite cuisines and beautiful mosques and minarets, as well as the chaotic energy of ebullient Hyderabad.

Separated by its twin city of Secunderabad by Hussain Sagar Lake, Hyderabad has plenty of attractions including its restaurants, bars and teeming bazaars.

New shopping complexes and ultra-modern malls are popping up all over the city, driving a new fashion dynamic. Hyderabad also claims to have the best Biryani in India.

Summer: 42-22 C

Winter: 22-13 C

Best Season:
August to March

The city’s airport is connected by flights from major cities of India and the world.

Secunderabad, Hyderabad – also known as Nampally – and Kacheguda are the three major train stations. Most through trains stop at Secunderabad and Kacheguda, which is more convenient for Abids. Bookings can be made at Hyderabad and Secunderabad stations from 8am to 8pm Monday to Saturday (to 2pm Sunday). Both stations have a tourist counter. For general inquiries, phone 131; for reservation status, 135.

Hyderabad is connected by good motorable roads to all major places in India.
650 km from Visakhapatnam
280 km from Vijayawada
701 km from Mysore
750 km from Goa
562 km from Bangalore
688 km from Chennai

Hyderabad’s long-distance bus stations are mind-bogglingly efficient. Mahatma Gandhi bus station (24614406), better known as Imlibun, has an advance booking office (8am-9pm). For Nagarjunakonda, take one of the frequent morning buses to Vinukonda or Macherla and get off en route. For trips to Karnataka, better go with KSRTC (24656430).
Secunderabad’s Jubilee bus station (27802203) is less convenient, but does operate Volvo AC buses to Bengaluru (Rs 620, 10 hours, three daily), Chennai (Rs 670, 12 hours, one daily) and Visakhapatnam (Rs 675, 13 hours, one daily).
Private bus companies with super-deluxe services are on Nampally High Rd, near the train station entrance.